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At ZEG, we offer a comprehensive gardening service including weed control in Stratford. Weeds can easily decrease the appearance of your property as they can survive in harsh environments, flower beds, in-between paving or within brickwork. Our experienced gardeners will remove the weeds from your property in an efficient time. They have extensive expertise in weed control, prevention, removal and maintenance.

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Experts In Weed Control In Stratford

Weeds in patios and driveways aren’t only an eyesore, but over time will start to unbalance and erode your paving leading to costly repairs. Let us get to the problem before it becomes unmanageable. With our specialist de-mossing techniques, we can remove that horrible green tint from all surfaces that can cause drastic decomposing to many surfaces and materials.

Weed Removal And Treatments Services In Stratford

Promoting and encouraging your flowers to grow, does mean ensuring they are in a flourishing environment. Removing weeds and dead plants from flower beds ensures your flowers get the nourishment they need to grow. All of our eco-friendly weed prevention treatments are as green as can be. Our attention to detail and the use of gentle but powerful products and procedures mean we will not harm the plants growing around the weeds. We don’t use harsh chemicals into your garden, just natural, effective methods to get the job done right.

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