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Our specialist staff provides a reliable tree maintenance service. At ZEG, our qualified arborists will take care of all tree maintenance & necessary removals. Tree maintenance and care is an essential practice in avoiding the exceeding of boundaries and branches becoming overbearing. At ZEG, our team of qualified arborists are available to take care of all tree maintenance and necessary removals. For insurance purposes, it is important to note that we only offer tree pruning services up to a height of 12ft. Our skilled staff are equipped to remove trees of varied sizes while also ensuring that the surrounding area is safe and restricted during this time.


Pruning & Shaping Services in Highams Park

While many trees will naturally shape as they grow, others need a little assistance to create a clear trunk and a well-spaced canopy of branches. It is wise to keep an eye on young trees and carry out formative pruning as required. With many years of experience, Zeg specialists are highly qualified in handling and pruning trees of all ages and shapes.

Planting and Transplanting, Felling, Cutting and Removals

For many trees to survive, transplanting is a necessity. Allowing them space to grow, increase their input of nutrients and to avoid potential diseases must be handled carefully, professionally and with exact precision. If the work is done improperly, the tree can die. Our team has the necessary experience to transplant safely, ensuring as little distress is inflicted upon the tree as possible. As with everything of this nature, our process is to assess and inspect before any work can be carried out.

For unwanted or dying trees sometimes there is no other option than to have them removed completely. We have experienced, qualified members of the team that can remove trees completely. Safety is our main concern and we will always inspect the tree and surrounding area to ensure that it is safe to remove.

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