Flower Bed Maintenance

Gardens look great in colour! With a range of shrubs and plants available the possibilities are endless. When it comes to establishing your garden, we offer seasonal planting and established plant maintenance to ensure your garden looks vibrant and enticing all year round! We also offer advice and support when selecting the best plants suited to your garden and offer a planting service which allows you to sit back and watch your garden grow, stress free!

weed control: weed removal

De-weeding & Dead Plant Removal

Removing weeds and dead plants from flower beds ensure that the flowers you want to grow get the nourishment they deserve, but also keep your flower beds looking stunning

Edging and Borders & Fertilizing plus Pest and Insect Control

Edging & Borders

A crisp edge around a landscape or flower bed provides both a practical and ornamental purpose. Edging helps prevent weeds from encroaching on the bed or the landscape plants from escaping into nearby areas

Flowers or Weed Edging
Weed Treatments


Sometimes plants need that extra support to establish and look great! We supply feeds for all plants and shrubs and also apply pesticides to ensure your plants are healthy all year round

Pest & Insect Control

Pests and insects can be one of the main contributors of the demise of plants. Stop them before they ruin your plants by implementing industry leading techniques to keep them at bay

Pest & Insect Control