Need to control the weeds? How we can help you.

Wild flowers have been invading our fields and gardens since humans first decided what a field and garden was. In many ways the existence of weeds is credit to the shear power of the natural world to resist and adapt to eradication and control. Many of the most common weeds are very beneficial wild flowers that provide food and habitat for our insects and therefore also our birds and other more visible wildlife. Some are even excellent ‘diversion’ species that attract insect pests that would otherwise prey on the leaves roots or flowers of our favourite ornamentals.

However sometimes even the most ardent wildlife friendly gardener has to draw a line as some wild flowers are particularly difficult to co-exist with. Here at ZEG we offer a range of advice and support depending on you and your garden needs. We can identify the most problematic species and create schedules of control that will help you keep on top of the weeds and stop the weeds growing on top of you.

As an environmentally conscious gardening company we are reluctant to use artificial chemical fertilisers, preferring to use methods that minimise harm to the living inhabitants of the soil. We have a range of alternative practices that can help keep your garden look both well managed, cared for and yet still provide room and a home for nature.


Weed Control Options & Ideas


Identify different weed species in your garden


Advise and cultivation of beneficial species


Introduce ornamental ground-cover species


Manually pull and control any problem species


Offer methods of eco-friendly weed suppression


Suggest wildlife friendly alternative options

"The gardener (Tim) removed all the weeds. He did a great job and was friendly."

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