Growing concerns about your garden trees? How we can help you.

Gardens with mature trees are both blessed and cursed. Though mostly blessed. Many species provide amazing benefits to both wildlife and people, giving both shelter and habitat in which to live, and providing year-round low maintenance interest for the lucky garden owner. Many tree species require very little attention and can be left happily to themselves.

Some trees however are less then easy to care for. A few have very frequent ‘messy’ phases of growth each year, shedding in cycles not only autumn leaves, but their spring time catkins, summer time flowers and even the sheaf of their leafbuds as they open. There are some species that are troublesome for the mass of aphids they attract, which in turn almost constantly drip sticky secretions over anything placed beneath them.

Many of the fruit-baring species have been under human-cultivation for over 5000 years. Apples, for example, to stay healthy, require yearly pruning else their small shoots grow into a crowded mess that is very susceptible to attack from fungus and insect damage. Some gardens are lucky enough to have quite old apple trees that are the survivors of orchards and farms that were planted long before the houses were built.

Much like caring for smaller woody shrubs, all the trees require specialist knowledge and attention to ensure maximum health and vitality. There are species of tree that are prone to particular types of fungus or insect and cutting into them at the wrong time can risk infection and sometimes dramatically shorten the lifespan of the tree.

It is important to take time and care when pruning trees what ever their size. One of the most important risk factors is to never cut them back or down when birds are nesting. It is also very easy to miscalculate the size and weight of a limb or bough and risk irreversibly damaging the gardener, the garden or the tree itself.


Tree Maintenance Options & Ideas


Identify the species of tree growing in your garden

Health Checks

Keep your trees healthy and disease free

Reduction / Removal

Reduce or remove some tree species


Help plan and advise with annual tree care


Prune with care when needed


Advise planting locations for new trees

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