Unsure how to prune and look after your woody shrubs? How we can help you.

Woody shrubs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Many require expert knowledge on when and how to prune in order to maximise their flowering potential and minimise the chances of pests and disease. While there are many resources online and off, nothing beats the one-on-one guidance and personal touch of a gardener teaching you what, how and when to do it right.

Here at ZEG our professional gardeners have the resources and experience ready in both their heads and hands. We can quickly and efficiently identify and prune back the most wild and unwieldy of shrubs when its the right time of year to do so.

Pruning shrubs can be a challenge for the inexperienced. It is easy to accidentally create strange and unnatural shapes that may take many years of growth to fix. Our gardeners at ZEG enjoy the thought and time it takes to prune plants into shapes they themselves seem to want to grow into, following the natural inclination of the shoots and buds and making it look almost as if no one has ever been anywhere near them.


Shrub Care Options & Ideas


Identify the species and cultivars of your woody shrubs


Advise on planting and positioning of shrubs


Keep your shrubs healthy and resilient to change


Experty prune to maximise displays of colour


Look for signs of pests and disease before they become a problem

Cuttings & Propagation

Take cuttings and propagate your garden shrubs

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