Want to keep your flower beds looking good all year round? How we can help you.

Flower beds can be wild or formal, high maintenance or low. It can be a challenge to plan and implement a flower bed so it provides interest in terms of colour, texture or scent all year round. Often it is wise to think ahead to when you know you will be most frequently around to appreciate your garden and select plant species that are in all their glory at that time of year. 

Much like the concept of a ‘niche’ in ecology, a well planned flower bed makes use of all the different planting zones (their space) and different flowering seasons (their time); ground cover species, for example, are often chosen for flowering in spring before taller species have grown to flower over them. It is good to get to know what species are more dominant (as in successful) in your garden environment and which ones struggle. This in turn can inform your choice of other species in the future, be they relatives of the most successful, or those that grow in a similar habitat naturally.

For effective gardens that minimise hard work there are many perennial species that can be chosen that will return year after year, getting bigger and stronger, even to the point they can be divided and made into new plants.

Many annual species, while only living for one year, can also be very low maintenance; spreading their seeds everywhere and coming back every year in surprising places only they know where.


Flower Beds Options & Ideas


Choose what species or families will do well in your garden


Mulch your beds to enhance the health of your soil


Advise on watering schedules and minimise water consumption


Maintain your beds so they look fresh and cared for


Prune and tidy your plants to prolong their flowering season


Advise on watering schedules and minimise water consumption

"I am so happy with the work we had done with ZEG. I had no idea where to start with the garden, it was in a real state. Tom gave us loads of advice and ideas, and created the perfect garden that looks even better then I hoped it would. The quality of flowers sourced are amazing, the work was carried out really quickly and efficiently by a lovely team and Tom regularly checks in to see the progress of the garden. I would definitely recommend!"

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