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Looking for a professional gardener in Bruce Grove? From lawn maintenance to decking and patio installation, we can create an outdoor space that meets your requirements. Our gardening experts are highly skilled, friendly and they are aware of any restrictions, tree boundary issues, or plant-growing concerns. We provide a variety of gardening services from weed control, lawn care, and tree maintenance to the patio, fence, and decking care.

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Trusted Gardeners In Bruce Grove

Our gardening specialists in Bruce Grove are highly skilled, experienced and friendly. With over 10 years’ experience in the gardening industry, we offer professional gardening services to residential and commercial clients without damaging the planet. We only operate using an all-electric fleet that is powered by sustainable and renewable certified (REGO) energy. With on-going training and support, all our team members are equipped to work to the highest standards. Using electric power tools as an alternative had helped us to reduce our noise output to up to 70%. Our extremely high levels of workmanship, affordability, reliability, and most importantly our ethical ethos make us the UK’s number one garden and grounds maintenance company.

Professional Gardening Services

If you are looking for a professional gardener in Bruce Grove, at Zero Emission Gardening, we provide a comprehensive gardening service including weed control, planting, lawn care, shrub care, tree maintenance, flower bed maintenance, and patio, fence, and decking care.

Plants can create an aesthetically pleasing garden look. Our ZEG experts will make planting a stress-free process for you, so you can relax and see your garden grow. They will take care of every aspect of flowers and tree planting.

Whether you already have the plants, or you are looking for guidance in selecting the perfect ones for your garden, our specialists are here to help you.

Lawn care
At ZEG we have the ability to ensure your lawn looks great all year round. Using our proven skills and techniques, we have the knowledge to take care of a new lawn and the experience to give an established lawn a new lease of life! We will give your grass the perfect cut with our performant lawn mowers and we also strim all those hard to reach areas. We will make sure that the edges of the grass are cut in perfectly, and make sure that there is a clear separation between your lawn and flower beds.

Tree maintenance

Tree pruning

While many trees will naturally shape as they grow, others need a little assistance to create a clear trunk and a well-spaced canopy of branches. With many years of experience, Zeg specialists are highly qualified in pruning trees of all ages and shapes.

Tree Transplanting

For many trees to survive, transplanting is a necessity. It allows them space to grow, increases their input of nutrients, and helps to avoid potential diseases. If the work is done improperly, the tree can die. Our team has the necessary experience to transplant safely, ensuring as little distress is inflicted upon the tree as possible. As with everything of this nature, our process is to assess and inspect before any work can be carried out.

We have experienced, qualified members of the team that can remove trees completely. Safety is our main concern and we will always inspect the tree and surrounding area to ensure that it is safe to remove.

Flower Bed Maintenance
Promoting and encouraging your flowers to grow, does mean ensuring they are in a flourishing environment. Removing weeds and dead plants from flower beds ensures your flowers get the nourishment they need to grow. Sometimes plants need that extra support to thrive! Our full service means we supply feeds for all plants and shrubs and apply pesticides to ensure your plants are healthy all year round.

Pests and insects can be one of the main issues when it comes to gardening. Stopping them before they ruin your plants, however, can be done by implementing our industry-leading techniques.

Shrub Care
We use expert tools and an eco-friendly approach to keep your shrubs in fantastic condition, providing your garden space with impressive aesthetics all year round! We also offer shrubs planting and removal services. Sometimes shrubs need to be removed as they have reached the end of their life; with our extensive experience, we will ensure that removing the shrub and root system is done properly and precisely to avoid regrowth occurring.

Patio, Fencing, and Decking Care
At ZEG we offer professional pressure wash and deep clean services for your patio, fence, and deck. We also seal your natural stone patio and apply treatment to your timber decking and fencing.

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