Garden Overhaul & Clearence Services

With busy and hectic lifestyles, juggling with work, children, and friends it’s quite common to lose control of your garden and allow it to over grow. At ZEG we provide a complete garden overhaul service, where we will strip back your garden to its original state allowing you to regain complete control over your grass and shrubs. As well as cutting all your plants and shrubs back we also dispose of your garden waste responsibly providing a seamless service from start to completion. After clearing your garden, we can also provide you with an ongoing maintenance service to ensure it stays in immaculate condition all year round

Clearance service

Garden Overhaul Services

We will clear your garden removing all overgrowth and get it back under control, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of having a garden. Not only do we remove over-grown grass, but also shrubs, Small trees and garden waste.

Full Clearance

We understand that after neglect some gardens need a fresh start. We have the skills and ability to tackle anything your garden has to offer

Waste Removal Services

Waste Removal Services

As well as clearing your garden, we will also ensure your garden waste gets disposed responsibly, giving you peace of mind throughout the whole process.

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    We specialise in environmentally responsible garden and ground maintenance using electric tools that produce less noise and zero carbon and particulate pollution.

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