Garden Maintenance

At Zero Emission Gardening, our professional gardeners, arborists, landscapers and installers provide you with expert garden maintenance in London. We understand that life is busy and there is often little time for anything more than your daily routine. At Zeg, we are proud to offer a full garden maintenance service that is tailored to your schedule, budget and gardening requirements.

Clearance service

Garden Overhaul & Clearance Services

We are a team of experts that offer a comprehensive garden maintenance service. We provide a complete garden overhaul service from manicuring your lawn, cutting and removing rotting or problematic plants and shrubs and responsibly disposing of your garden waste. After clearing and revamping your garden, we can also provide you with an on-going maintenance service to ensure it stays in an immaculate condition throughout the year. We can get your outdoor area back under control, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of having a garden without the hassle.

Full Clearance service

Our garden clearance professionals will start with a full clearance service before creating the garden of your dreams. The process involves garden waste clearance, general rubbish removal, and moss, leaves and other debris removal from your gutter to work properly.

Waste Removal Services

Waste Removal

With years of experience in gardening, our professional team has the necessary tools, equipment and skills to provide you a hassle-free waste removal service. As well as clearing your garden from any kind of waste, we will make sure your garden waste gets disposed responsibly, giving you peace of mind throughout the whole process.

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    We specialise in environmentally responsible garden and ground maintenance using electric tools that produce less noise and zero carbon and particulate pollution.

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