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We offer expert flower bed maintenance services in Stratford with planting and maintenance options tailored to your needs. Your garden will look vibrant all year round!

Colourful flowers simply look beautiful in bloom! With an abundance of shrubs and plants available, we have endless possibilities and combinations for your garden.

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Professionals In Flower Bed Maintenance In Stratford

At Zero Emission Gardening, we are experts in flower bed maintenance services. We only use sustainable renewable energy to power our future proof vehicles and eco-friendly machinery, whilst always maintaining the highest customer satisfaction. Our expert team has been offering excellent gardening services for many years. Not only do we provide a great service to all of our clients, we provide a great service to the whole planet! We are the only gardening company in the UK that has a Net Zero Carbon Footprint! Using our specialist technology we can offer you an unmatched level of service without causing any further harm to our planet.

Our Flower Bed Maintenance Services

De-weeding & Dead Plant Removal Services in Stratford
Promoting and encouraging your flowers to grow, does mean ensuring they are in a flourishing environment. Removing weeds and dead plants from flower beds ensures your flowers get the nourishment they need to grow.

Edging, Borders and Fertilizing & Pest and Insect Control
A crisp edge around a landscape or flowerbed provides both a practical and ornamental purpose. Edging helps prevent weeds from encroaching on the bed reducing the risk of contamination, while also keeping the plants and flowers aesthetically pleasing in neat and tidy areas.

Sometimes plants need that extra support to thrive! Our full service means we supply feeds for all plants and shrubs and apply pesticides to ensure your plants are healthy all year round.

Pests and insects can be one of the main issues when it comes to gardening. Stopping them before they ruin your plants, however, can be done by implementing our industry-leading techniques.

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