Commercial Gardening Services

With a wealth of experience in grounds maintenance, we have the knowledge and skills to be able to support all of your premisses needs ethically and sustainability.

Commercial Services – Maintenance in the right way

Ethical and Sustainable Grounds Maintenance

Creating safer environments for your staff, partners and customers

With the climate crisis a matter of national concern, we are pioneering the way commercial outdoor areas are maintained.

With company image being of highest importance, why not show your clients that you are making steps towards a better future! Using ZEG not only provides cleaner air and less noise pollution for your premises, but also shows you are implementing strategies to ensure you remain future proof.

When you combine highly trained staff, affordability and eco-friendly practices we have all basis covered. Check out how we can help reduce your carbon footprint by contacting us today!

 By working with ZEG your company will:


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    We specialise in environmentally responsible garden and ground maintenance using electric tools that produce less noise and zero carbon and particulate pollution.

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